agCommander News – Dec 24 2021

agCOMMANDER Progress
The feedback continues to be extremely positive. Thanks to all of you “early adopters” for all the feedback. It has been greatly appreciated and has helped make the software better and better.  For those of you still using APM, we’ve found that the majority of people migrating to agCommander soon get their head around the various differences and begin to see the many improvements that agCommander has over PAM .. especially the reporting.

agCommander is now keeping records for over 700,000 hectares of productive land in 4 countries. Our clients are running operations in the following sectors:

  • Mixed Farming
  • 100% Livestock
  • Viticulture
  • Orchards (fruit & nut)
  • Vegetables

Progress has been made on various integrations with other software: 


The InfoPest integration gives us searching by pest or problem for specified crops or animals in a specified Australian State. For example: “Show me a list of all herbicides that can kill capeweed and turnip in a wheat crop and that are registered for use in Western Australia” .. that search will return a list showing manufacturers, products, links to the label & MSDS documents plus recommended rates and withholding periods plus active ingredients. 

To date, we have built integrations with the following weather station data delivery systems:,, Metos FieldClimate, Mait Industries, WeatherBit, Western Australia Department of Agriculture, Outpost Central, Oz Harvest. More to follow. These integrations are used for both automating daily rainfall, temperature and humidity records and also for the “Auto-Weather” system which automatically populates job weather records, especially spray job weather records.

PCT – Agcloud

Pro and Enterprise agCOMMANDER® users can now display maps created by PCT … So if you are a client of PCT you will be able to take advantage of that integration. 


In November we released this new feature for our Pro and Enterprise subscribers. Imagery for any date as far back as 2015 is available and can be displayed as a layer under your farm maps.  

MyJohnDeere integration is well advanced. All the “back-end” work is now completed, leaving the front end work to be done. 

There will be more and more integrations to come. Being able to integrate with other software is one of the great advantages of cloud-based software. 

PAM 8 and WINDOWS 11 

We were informed recently that PAM 8 wouldn’t work on Windows 11. In theory it should. The client immediately migrated to agCommander and is up and away on that. It’s possible that Microsoft will fix the issue causing that problem but we are not sure if they will. As we are no longer doing any work on PAM and have a (now) well used migration pathway from PAM to agCommander, we won’t be chasing that issue. 

Well, that’s it for now. I look forward to staying in touch next year with more news about agCOMMANDER®

Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2022.

Roger Wiese 
CEO & Founder 

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