agCommander – the software

agCOMMANDER is software for agriculture designed by farmers so farmers understand it.
Covering More Bases

Evolving in the tough Australian market over 30 years, helped along the way with feedback from thousands of farming clients, agCommander has grown into a very versatile, very configurable, very powerful, very user-friendly Farm Management Information System (FMIS). 

It’s not accounting software, but it keeps track of all your costs and enables you to budget and plan.

agCommander, built from the ground up to manage any size of farming operation, with any mix of crop types and livestock operations.


The agCOMMANDER difference…
We’ve made entering your farm records quick & easy so you can focus on data analysis to help you optimise your farming business’s bottom line & practices

FACT: 74% of our sales are from “Word of Mouth” referrals.

The Base Modules

The base modules include

  • planning and record keeping for any crop type

  • comprehensive farm mapping where you can create unlimited map layers

  • weather records and analysis

  • laboratory test records and analysis
  • inventories of consumables and harvested produce
  • asset management, cost calculator & asset maintenance
  • staff, contractors: labour records and costs 
  • and lots more…

The Livestock Module

A comprehensive Add-On module to manage your livestock mob or herd records, including all aspects of field grazing days and stocking rates, livestock reconciliation reporting, weights, condition scores, sales, purchases, agistments and transfers, matings, pregnancy tests, births, reclassing and more including a comprehensive shearing and wool clip module.

Individual Animals

The individual animal records module is an optional Add-On for the livestock module.
Catering for all animal types identified by either electronic or visual tags, covering weight gain analysis, lifetime and recurring trait analysis, treatments and more.


Grape Forecaster

The Grape Forecaster module is an optional Add-On for grape growers.
Grape Forecaster is available as a stand-alone application or as an Add-On module in agCommander. 

Developed in partnership with Australia’s Viticulture Research organisations in 2004 and re-written for “cloud” deployment. 



agCommander Mobile application is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just search for “agCommander”

The modules available on agCommander Mobile are

  • Cropping
  • Livestock
  • Weather
  • Inventory of Consumables
  • Crop Scouting (includes multiple scouting styles including:  pasture scouting, grape yield estimates)
  • Mapping (including “Live” Mapping”)
  • Chemical Lookup
  • Grape Forecaster
  • Water Meter Reading
  • General Notes & Reminders & Generic Work Orders

In addition to the mobile and desktop applications, there is a dedicated Tablet version of agCommander designed to run on an iPad, Android Tablet or a Windows Surface Pro type computer. An internet connection is required to run the Tablet version.

Multi Language, Currency & Units of Measure

agCommander Desktop, Tablet & Mobile are currently available in 

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • More coming soon

In any currency.

In both Metric & Imperial.  

Users can choose their Language.

Currency and Units of Measure are set on a Business Unit basis .. meaning agCommander Enterprise can cater for clients with business units in different countries.

Free 14 Day Trial

agCommander is in the “cloud”. No software to install. Just sign up and get started

If within 14 days you are not sure if agCommander is a good match for you we’ll cancel your trial for you.

Start your trial now…


agCOMMANDER has been built from the ground up to fit small family farming operations and fully scalable to take care of the needs of the world’s largest farming enterprises.  All bases covered.
Take advantage of our over 30 years’ experience. We’ve been operating since 1988 under the name Fairport Farm Software and renamed the business to agCommander Pty Ltd  in 2019. 
For over 30 years we’ve been listening to and working with clients from around Australia and around the world.
Thousands of them. Including in places like South Africa, Canada, China, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, New Zealand, Sudan, Ethiopia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina.

While serving the needs of small to medium to large family farming operations, we have, at the same time, built custom farm management systems for clients operating the world’s largest operations in their sector. e.g. The world’s largest: Macadamia Nut grower, Wine Grape operation, New Zealand’s largest Mixed Livestock operation (1.5million livestock units), the world’s largest Cattle operation (500,000 head) … China’s largest wine grape operation, Russia’s largest irrigated cropping operation, a large cropping operation near Sao Paulo in Brazil, and some very large mixed cropping and livestock operations across Australia.

Amongst our clients are Australia’s largest carrot producer, largest potato producer, largest sweet corn producer, largest chilli producer…
…. and at the same time thousands of small to medium to large family farming operations.