agCOMMANDER has been built from the ground up to fit small family farming operations and fully scalable to take care of the needs of the world’s largest farming enterprises.   All bases covered.
Take advantage of our 33 years’ experience. We’ve been operating since 1988 under the name Fairport Farm Software and renamed the business to agCommander Pty Ltd  in 2019. 

For 33 years we’ve been listening to and working with clients from around Australia and around the world.
Thousands of them. Including in places like South Africa, Canada, China, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, New Zealand, Sudan, Ethiopia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina.
We have built customs farm management systems for clients operating the world’s largest operations in their sector. e.g. The world’s largest: Macadamia Nut grower, Wine Grape operation, New Zealand’s largest Mixed Livestock operation(1.5million livestock units), the world’s largest Cattle operation (500,000 head) … China’s largest wine grape operation, Russia’s largest irrigated cropping operation near Stavropol, a large cropping operation near Sao Paulo in Brazil, and some very large mixed cropping and livestock operations across Australia.
Amongst our clients are Australia’s largest carrot producer, largest potato producer, largest sweet corn producer, largest chilli producer…
…. and at the same time thousands of small to medium to large family farming operations.
Want to know more…  
agCOMMANDER is a program that you can run in your chosen internet browser, your choice of tablet (iPad, Android, Windows), and your choice of smartphone (iPhone or Android).
It has a base module that’s used for planning and record keeping for any crop type, comprehensive farm mapping, weather records,  laboratory test results, R&D projects, inventories of consumables and produce, water allocation management, asset management,  staff and contractor records, and more…
… plus has add-on modules that cater for livestock (mob or herd records and individual animal records) and grape yield estimation based on our original Grape Forecaster software.
 agCOMMANDER is available in various subscription plans to suit your business:
  • MultiFarm – 1 user plus access for your consultant for unlimited farms for one business unit.  Add on modules: Livestock, Individual Animals and GrapeForecaster
  • MultiFarm Pro – 3 users plus access for up to 3 consultants for unlimited farms for one business unit*.  Add on more users and. consultants as required.
  • Enterprise – Unlimited users, unlimited Business Units, access to all Add-on Modules
  • Education – Unlimited student access and access to all Add on Modules and if there’s a commercial farm associated with your secondary or tertiary education institution, you are permitted to use the software to manage that operation as well.
  • GrapeForecaster*  –  Standalone grape yield estimation system for one business unit, unlimited users

*Grape Forecaster is  built in collaboration with the Australian Grape & Wine Research & Development Corporation.
You can subscribe to  Grape Forecaster and run it as a standalone application or you can choose it as an add-on module to one of our agCOMMANDER MultiFarm, MultiFarm Pro, Enterprise or Education  plans

What’s a “Business Unit”?  We define Business Units as either separate cost/profit centres or,  geographically separated farms or group of farms … operating under different managers.