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Desktop Version

Fully featured with cropping options for all crop types. Budgeting, an extensive mapping module, work orders, recommendations, machinery maintenance, QA records, harvest contracts, optional livestock modules, access weather data, laboratory tests, inventory, export to John Deere ... 100's of reports .. the lot

Tablet Version

Use on your iPad, Android Tablet or Windows Tablet. Collect and report on all the same data entry and reporting features as the desktop version. Specially scaled and modified to be used on a tablet with gestures. Ideal for use in the field whenever you have internet access.

Smartphone Version

Use on your iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. Dedicated to data collection. Use in offline mode or online mode as required. Crop Records. Inventory Management. Comprehensive scouting module with 5 styles of scouting to choose from. Extremely simple but powerful mapping module with access to all your agCommander desktop map layers, plus drawing, tracking and waypoint collection

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agCOMMANDER Feedback

"Staff really happy here. The seamlessness in the software makes it so user friendly... they are empowered to use it, plus all the reports give them the feedback they need"
MH (W.A.)
Satisfied Customer
"Had a farm audit yesterday. Auditor blown away. Hadn't seen anything like it"
MH (W.A.)
Satisfied Customer
"My wife & office staff wish to thank you on how great AgCommander is, especially in the reporting. My thoughts are the same."
CA (N.Z.)
Satisfied Customer
"My staff thought it looked really easy to use."
AB (N.S.W.)
Satisfied Customer
"I like the look of it. It's certainly better than the others we looked at."
TD (N.S.W.)
Satisfied Customer
"The overall agCommander reporting flexibility is really excellent. Being able to configure the columns included, their position, sort by, group by, summaries and expand/collapse options and so on.. is tremendous"
Satisfied Customer