agCommander’s Features

agCommander's base system includes the following modules:


  • Cropping
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Weather Records & Analysis
  • Asset Costs Calculator
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Inventory of Consumables
  • Inventory of Harvested Produce
  • General Notes & Reminders (Generic Work Orders)
  • Integrated Mapping & General Purpose Farm Mapping
  • Contacts: Staff, Customers, Vendors, Contractors, Agents, etc.
  • Quality Assurance Records, Training Register, Approved Vendor Register etc.
  • General Overheads Expenditure
  • Selectable:
    • Units of Measure (Metric or Imperial)
    • Language (Currently English, French, Spanish & Portuguese) ... on a per user basis
    • Currency


Here's what you get in the Cropping Module



Analytics. We don't just keep records of everything you do in your cropping enterprises, we analyse the data in so many ways. So many ways to slice and dice your data, it's impossible to count the number of reports in agCommander!
Tabular Reports, Map Reports, Charts (Countless graphs ... any Tabular Report that you generate can also be graphed).
Reporting that cover all financial aspects - giving you complete Farm Management Accounting & Economics Insights.
You will be amazed at what information you can extract!

" The agCommander reporting flexibility is excellent. Besides the very useful map reporting tools, being able to configure table columns included, their position, sort by, group by, summaries and expand/collapse options plus chart anything!  .. it is tremendous"

Budgeting / Planning

Our budgeting system is available at all levels of subscription. Budget ahead on a weekly or monthly basis. Use activity Templates & Cropping Scenarios to rapidly build a seasonal budget.
Features include:

  • Save Budget As.. to copy one budget to another
  • Dedicated Input Cost tables per Budget
  • Copy the current Actuals to Date to create a New Budget
  • Generate a "Shopping List" of required Inputs.
  • Use the "What If" sliders to tweak Yield, Price and Costs to see the effect on Income and Break Even Yield
  • Generate Budget Reports ... 100's of them including a Monthly or Weekly Costs Report to feed into your cash flow budgets.

    "... with well tuned templates & scenarios, I budgeted our cropping program for 93 areas in 4 minutes..."


    Record Keeping

    Work Orders
    Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

    Having been developing software for production recording since 1988, we know as well as anyone what farmers want to record. agCommander enables you to record all your Planting, Spraying, Fertilizing and Harvesting details. All your irrigation details. All your Fuel Usage. All your Machinery Usage and Manual Tasks. All your Crop Monitoring (Pests, Diseases, Weeds, General Observations) ... with GPS coordinates if recording on your Mobile Device. All records can have associated Weather Details (fully Automated using our integration with weather stations), Notes, Associated Documents, Associated Photos.

    Grant your Agronomists FREE ACCESS to your agCommander for them to prepare Recommendations (or Budgets... you choose the level of access and roles for them)


    Special Features for Specific Crop Types

    agCommander is very configurable to the extent that in over 30 years, we have built in configurability to cater for crops of any type. agCommander is used by large and small cropping enterprises in the following sectors: "Broad Acre" or Row Cropping, Vegetables of All Types including Organic, Cotton, Hay and Fodder, Sugar Cane, Fruit of Various Types including Berries of Various Types and Tree Crops, Cut Flowers, Nuts & Grapes. By choosing certain crop types while configuring agCommander you will enable certain crop-specific features

    For example, special Features exist for the following crop types:

  • COTTON - Cotton Bales are a built in harvest unit and there is a dedicated area for entering Cotton Ginning Results
  • GRAPES - If set up for viticulture, many features become enabled within agCommander for grape producers
  • TREE CROPS - As with GRAPES, many tree-crop specific features will be seen when the program is configured for Orchards.
  • MACADAMIAS - on top of the dedicated orchard features, we have many macadamia specific features in agCommander having been working very closely with the leading producers of macadamias in Australia and South Africa since 2005
  • Speedy Data Entry

    To make for speedy data entry we have features like:

  • Chemical Tank Mixes
  • Saved Sprayer Configurations
  • Job Templates ... enabling you to save all the details for a job as a ready to use template. Any job you have done can be saved as a template for future re-use.
  • Default Application Rates for Seed, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Irrigation
  • Default Area/Hour or Hours/Area settings for all your operations (Machinery or Manual tasks)
  • Pre-set standard operations with optional, associated Machinery Assets
  • Chemicals Features

    Every 28 days, agCommander automatically updates its on-board database of all registered chemicals. Add the chemicals you use to your list from the master list. Display Labels & MSDS documents.
    Report by Active Constituents.
    Report on crops under quarantine.
    Report on applications by Chemical Groups
    Save & Use Tank Mixes to Speed up Data Entry
    Use the Inventory of Consumables to track Stock On Hand ... By Batch Number & Chemical Shed .. if you like

    Fertilizer Features

    Keep track of the Nutrients Applied.
    Use Liquid Fertilizers in Chemical Tank Mixes or for Fertigation.
    Generate Nutrients Applied Reports
    Generate Nutrient Audit Graphs & Reports
    Use the Inventory of Consumables to track Stock On Hand ... By Batch Number & Fertilizer Shed ... if you like


    Integrated Mapping

    Each of your production units can be mapped. By doing that, your farm maps can be used for area selection when entering records or work orders. If required, you can draw or import worked area polygons that will be attached to jobs. Job or Work Order or Recommendation Detail Reports have a map of the relevant areas attached. Ideal for emailing to contractors. An optional Hazzard Layer can be overlayed over your areas to make aerial contractors aware of hazzards.
    Map Reports ... Areas coloured by data values indicating high to low result. e.g. Gross Margins, Crop Yields, Disease or Pest Counts, Nutrients Applied .... lots more.


    Inventory of Consumables

    Keep a track of the inventory of all your Chemicals, Fertilisers, Crop Seed and any Sundry Consumables (user defined items that area not of the other types or Fuel) You have the option to track Stock On Hand by Batch Numbers and or Storage Locations.
    Record Purchases. Include details like Expiry Dates, Manufacturing Dates, Invoice Numbers etc.
    Convert harvested grain from your Inventory of Harvested Produce into Crop Seed.
    Generate Inventory Transactions Reports, Perform Stock Takes (on your mobile if you like).


    Inventory of Harvested Produce

    As you harvest your crops, any produce that is delivered to an on-farm storage facility or off-farm warehousing facility will automatically be added to the Inventory of Harvested Produce. Produce can be transferred from one storage location to another. Produce can be Sold from storage or Transferred to the Inventory of Consumables as Stock Feed or Crop Seed.
    Full traceability: The Inventory of Harvested Produce keeps a track of all contributing cropped areas regardless how many cropped areas contributed to the quantities.



    Keep track of "who did what", how much it cost to do, how long it took, where it happened. Keep track of both Staff and Contractors.
    Set up and record costs of operations by Cost/Area, Cost/Hour or Cost/Item. e.g. Per Vine, Tree, Bin, Box...


    Water Use Efficiancy

    Generate Reports to rank your cropped areas by their water use efficiency. With very little effort other than recording rainfall and irrigation events (if applicable), you will be able to generate reports showing Income Per Unit of Rainfall. e.g. $/Ha/mm ... or Yield Per Unit of Rainfall. e.g. T/Ha/mm Configure the Potential Yield of Crops and you will be able to rank your cropped areas by Percentage of Potential Yield


    Harvest Contract Management

    Keep track of harvest contracts. Record dispatches as they happen from your on-farm or warehouse storage facility.


    Input Cost Management

    Use our unique and powerful input cost management system to keep track of all your costs over time. Easy and intuitive to use.
    Track the changes in your input costs over time. Use our Input Costs Management screen to view all current costs and to globally update them as required.
    Optionally update the input cost table as you purchase inputs in the Inventory of Consumables.
    Use Dedicated Input Cost Tables for budgets.


    Machinery Cost Calculator

    By popular demand...

    Use our simple but powerful machinery cost calculator to determine the running cost of equipment per hectare/acre or per hour.
    Take into account fuel, oil, tyres, repairs, depreciation and other cost factors.

    Additional Modules in agCommander


    Machinery Maintenance Records

    Set up a list of your Assets. Assign to them a Maintenance Interval and a Warning Point. agCommander can send you an email when you reach the Warning Point for those assets.
    Record the cost and detail of maintenance or ad hoc repair work carried out.
    Upload documents and images for future reference. The Asset Manager Pro module is an advanced asset management system. Enable it for FREE if you are subscribed for Multifarm Pro or Enterprise, choose it as an Add On if you are a Multifarm subscriber.

    General Purpose Mapping

    Create as many map layers as you need. Use them for planning future developments. Keep track of underground cables and water pipes. Measure distances and areas. Import and Export data to all the common map data formats. Share your farm maps using "my google maps"
    To see more features, check the gpMapper web site. the gpMapper software is the agCommander Mapping Module running as a stand alone program

    Laboratory Test Results & Reports

    Import Laboratory Test Results for Soil, Leaf or Tissue, Petiole, Sap, Water & Harvested Produce tests.
    Generate reports, map reports and charts to compare results between your fields or to track the results of individual fields over any number of seasons. Map reports include heat map type maps if your test results are geo-located with coordinates.


    Set up as many weather stations as you like. agCommander can connect to many weather station types to fully automate your weather data records. Associate your weather stations with your fields to give you Water Use Efficiency Reports. Enable our "Auto-Weather" system to automatically record weather conditions for your cropping events (spraying, etc.) .
    Generate lots of charts and reports to analyse your weather data.


    General Overheads

    Optionally keep records and costs of work performed on non-production unit jobs.
    For example, work performed on fire breaks and general maintenance tasks. Configure overheads that consume Labour Hours or Machinery Hours or use Consumables to ensure you keep track of those costs and inventory related data.


    Quality Assurance Records & Reports

    All your QA Compliance needs are covered in agCommander. Use our Food Crop QA Report and our Chemical Spraying QA Report to cover your HACCP & GAP compliance needs.
    Our dedicated QA Module covers QA needs such as a Training Register, Approved Vendor Register, Corrective Action Register & Document Register

    Features available for "Pro" & "Enterprise" clients


    Water Allocation Management

    This module is available for MultiFarm "Pro" and Enterprise subscriptions only.

    If you're located in an area where you purchase water allocations, agCommander has a comprehensive system for keeping track of those contracts and your water usage. based on the water offtake meter readings.
    Readings can be performed on the Mobile App.


    Special Features for Research & Capital Projects

    We have been working with Departments of Agriculture and Universities since we established in 1988.

    This module is available for MultiFarm "Pro" and Enterprise subscriptions only.

    The "Projects" features in agCommander area used to generate reports for work carried out for specific projects. Typically they are used for research projects, but we have clients who are using the Projects system for planning and reporting on their annual nutrient management program over their large orchards.

    Any job you record in the Cropping Module can be associated with a configured Project.

    Almost every report in the Cropping module can be generated by Project, giving total costs and total consumables, hours, areas treated etc. by Project.

    Precision Farming Features


    NDVI Imagery

    View NDVI imagery for your area for any date as far back as 2015
    Easy to use. Fast to load. This feature is built into the farm mapping module and the imagery is downloaded in tiles that match with your user defined map views.


    PCT agCloud Integration

    PCT = Precision Cropping Technology

    If you are a client of PCT agCloud, all your PCT imagery is at your fingertips in agCommander.

    Want to know more about PCT agCloud ?


    John Deere Operation Center Integration

    "As a long time user of the John Deere Operation Centre, linking data to our agCommander farm management software will save time and reduce errors in application data recording. The ability to draw insights from the pooled data to improve my decision making will enhance the usefulness of the data we are collecting (and encourage more data collection!) and make our business more sustainable and successful. It is great to see John Deere working with local companies to bring value to my business."
    T.R. Wimmera. Victoria