Grape Forecaster

Scientifically based grape yield forecasting made easy … and in the cloud for ease of access and sharing of results!
Use Grape Forecaster to set up sampling tasks on your office computer, then either:
Collect data in the vineyard using iOS or Android tablets or smartphones and upload to your Grape Forecaster account in the cloud or … Print out a data collection sheet and enter the data into the Grape Forecaster later
Grape Forecaster is a joint venture project of the Victorian Department of Primary Industry, the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation and agCOMMANDER. Grape Forecaster ~ used and proven by Australia’s major wineries and used worldwide since 2004.
Grape Forecaster’s features enable you to:
  • Sample and forecast over multiple vineyards and patches
  • Generate your sample sites without bias (or use your existing sample sites if you prefer)
  • Enter your data and adjust the sampling to meet accuracy targets in the vineyard
  • Keep all your data in one database and manage it easily
  • Produce your forecasts using a large range of scientifically-proven methods
  • Evaluate and analyse your performance
  • Store your historical data and use it to continually improve your forecasting
  • Produce professional-quality reports and graphs
  • Export your data in spreadsheet format or as PDF
  • Metric and Imperial measurements can be used