Mind My Assets 2

Are you struggling to keep track of all the service histories and maintenance of your machinery assets? 
Ever wished you had one place where you could go to find all the:

  • Models,

  • Serial Numbers,

  • Engine Numbers,

  • Locations,

  • Fluid Capacities,

  • Oil Types,

  • Filters 

  • Tyre Sizes,

  • Last Service Date,

  • Next Service Date,

  • Filter Part Numbers

  • Purchase History

  • Workshop Manuals

  • etc. etc. etc. 

Mind My Assets 2 is perfect for and currently used by …
  • Small Fleet Owners

  • Machinery Hire Companies

  • Farmers

  • Municipal Councils 

  • Drilling Contractors

  • Tow Truck Operators 

  • Coach and Bus Operators 

  • Farm Machinery Contractors

  • Anyone who is struggling to keep track of asset management

MMA2 Mobile 

Data entry and reporting right in the palm of your hand.  Look up parts, Engine Numbers, Fluid Capacities, Tyre Sizes… anything, anywhere.  Record daily inspections into the checklist system on the go.  

Anything you can record on the desktop version of MMA2 can also be recorded on the MMA2 mobile app. 

The mobile app is available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads and on Google Play for Androids. Just search MindMyAssets

Multi Language, Currency & Units of Measure

MindMyAssets 2 Desktop & Mobile are currently available in 

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian

In any currency.

In both Metric & Imperial.  

Users can choose their Language.


Machinery Cost Calculator

Built especially for FARMERS ...

Use our simple but powerful machinery cost calculator to determine the running cost of equipment per hectare/acre or per hour.
Take into account fuel, oil, tyres, repairs, depreciation and other cost factors.

Store important information about your assets in one handy place

  • Oils & Fluids Used
  • Capacities (Fuel tank, engine oil, differential etc.)
  • Engine number, chassis number etc.
  • Registration information
  • More …

Repairs & Maintenance Scheduling & Records

  • When it happened
  • Who did the work
  • How much it cost you
  • What was done
  • What parts were needed

Quality Control & Preventative Maintenance Checklists

  • Create checklist for daily, weekly, monthly, annual inspections of vehicles, machinery, stationary motors .. whatever you have that needs regular checking.
  • Set up asset type -specific checklists.
  • Make it easier for you and your people to perform the quality control needed to run your equipment efficiently.

Spare Parts List

  • Keep lists of regularly used parts and their part numbers
  • Keep alternative part numbers where applicable
  • Keep lists of suppliers
  • Keep a history of part costs

Service Packs

  • Set up “Service Packs” of fluids and parts required for your regular services, e.g. Tractors 100 hourly service pack
  • Use service packs to speed up data entry for regular services

Inventory of Consumables & Parts

  • Record purchases of items
  • Record inventory adjustments
  • Nominate which parts & consumables to track for inventory levels
  • Inventory automatically deducts items used for repairs & maintenance records
  • Stock on hand levels of tracked items always visible on your parts & consumables pick lists
  • More …

NOW Available as an Add-On in agCommander

  • Available for FREE for Multifarm Pro and Enterprise subscribers
  • Available for a small extra cost for Multifarm subscribers
  • Fully integrated into the standard Asset List, but it opens up a lot more fields where extra details can be stored