MindMyAssets 2 - Features and Pricing

Store all important information

  • Oils & Fluids Used
  • Capacities (Fuel tank, engine oil, differential etc.)
  • Horse power, tare weight, important statistics
  • Engine number, chassis number etc.
  • Registration information
  • Depreciation information
  • more… 

Repairs & Maintenance, Scheduling and Records

  • Record all the details you need about repair jobs: 

    • When it happened
    • Who did the work
    • How much it cost you
    • What was done
    • What parts were needed

Quality Control & Preventative Maintenance Checklists

  • Create checklist for daily, weekly, monthly, annual inspections of vehicles, machinery, stationary motors .. whatever you have that needs regular checking.
  • Set up asset-specific checklists. 
  • Make it easier for you and your people to perform the quality control needed to run your equipment efficiently. 

Spare Parts Lists

  • Keep lists of regularly used parts, filters, tyres and their part numbers
  • Keep alternative part numbers where applicable
  • Keep lists of suppliers

Service Packs

  • Set up “Service Packs” of fluids and parts required for your regular services, e.g. Tractors 100 hourly service pack
  • Use service packs to speed up data entry for regular services

Inventory or Parts & Filters

  • Record purchases of items
  • Record inventory stock take events
  • Record inventory adjustments
  • Nominate which parts & consumables to track for inventory levels 
  • Inventory automatically deducts items used for repairs & in running costs records
  • Stock on hand levels of tracked items always visible on your parts & consumables pick lists  
  • more… 

Other Features

  • Photos of Assets 
  • Use Barcode Stickers to make for easy identification of assets on the Mobile App
  • Keep track of Asset Overheads like Insurance Costs, Registration Costs, etc
  • Log Book: Keep a record of trips made
  • ALL data entry can be done on either Desktop or Mobile apps.
  • Get most reports on the Mobile app.


  • Powerful, Flexible and Detailed Reports across all the records entered